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In memoriam of John F. Schonder – former Principal of RSSC Architecture

John F. Schonder, former Principal of RSSC Architecture, passed away at his home on Thursday, May 13, 2021 at the age of 89.  We at RSSC Architecture celebrate his contributions to the community and the firm, as well as offer our deepest sympathies to the Schonder family for their loss. [...]

Why Computer Generated Architectural Renderings are Important

Four Reasons Your Project Deserves Computer Generated Renderings A successful building design starts with a drawing. In the past, architects would draw plans by hand. Today’s architectural renderings rely on technology. This in no way diminishes the skill needed to envision and plan a facility that will safely perform it’s [...]

Before the Hire: 5 Questions to ask your Church Architect

Discussions to Have When Hiring an Architect for Your Church Designing and building a church involves many conversations before the project can begin. Not only are churches places of worship, but they are also central to a community’s life both socially and spiritually. From infants being baptized, marriage ceremonies, and [...]

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